What our clients say

Adriane has been walking Raymond, now 15 year old, for nearly 7 years. I attribute a significant part of his longevity and outstanding good nature to her consistent loving companionship and above-and-beyond intrepid reliability, flexibility, outstanding communication and dedication to Raymond and our family.

Amy and Raymond

We used to take our cat to a kennel before using this service, but now, we couldn't imagine doing that.  Our guy gets fine and careful attention from Cambridge Canines (the un-feline name notwithstanding) right in his own home.  Trustworthy, prompt, flexible and at a price not all that different from the "kitty hotel".  And, while I have owned cats for 40 years, I've learned new things about cat behavior and care from Adriane!

Ellis and Dexter 

Dear Adriane,I wanted to thank you for all the love and care you’ve given to Ziza.  You are much more than a dog walker, both to Ziza and to me. She is going to miss you, I’m sure…And I don’t know how I’m going to find a dog walker to replace you. Thanks for everything!

Sarah and Ziza


I've used Cambridge Canines for two years, and I've never had to worry about my pets. The owner, Adriane, is a pleasant woman who really likes and is interested in animals. She is very conscientious about taking care of my cat when I go away, and I also counted on her for my dog’s afternoon walks for over a year. Adriane will write you a little note from their point of view so you know what happened during the dog's walk or the kitty's time alone. I recommended her to my neighbors, and they use her as well.

Jennifer and Jay Jay

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