About Cambridge Canines

Pampering your pet when you can’t be there

Cambridge Canines is a professional pet sitting service dedicated to dogs and cats. When I started my business in 2002, I made a conscious decision to accept only those clients that I could look after personally. For over a decade, I have not wavered from that vision. I treat every animal as though it were my own and my five star rating on Yelp attests to client satisfaction.

So what makes Cambridge Canines different?

  • Solo dog walks. That allows me to give your dog my undivided attention so we can focus on specific behavioral issues ... at no extra cost.
  • Free 30-minute consultation. During the first home visit, we’ll discuss your goals. Clients often request improved leash manners: not pulling on lead or barking at the UPS driver, and learning to sit and stay before crossing the street.
  • Peace of mind. When you hire Cambridge Canines, you have my guarantee that I will personally walk your dog or care for your cat. So you never have to worry about multiple keys floating around. And for many clients that translates into peace of mind, plus the added security knowing that I will come at the appointed time and conscientiously lock up when I leave.
  • Personal journal. As a bonus, you’ll receive a journal, written from your pet’s point of view. That way you know exactly what Fido or Fluffy is up to. It’s been a huge success and one client went so far as to call it priceless. Here’s an example.